Sarrah El-Bushra

Sudanese/British, Born in Khartoum, Sudan, living in London, UK.

Artist Bio

Sarrah has explored ideas about mixed race and dual personality through an abstract fusion of English and Arabic calligraphy. Her work layers text and imagery with calligraphic markings and forms, representing multi-layered cultural experience and thoughts on identity and belonging. She works with a mixture of screenprinting, digital print and freehand lettering on textiles and paper using natural pigments from Sudan, including henna, sandalwood and hibiscus.

She seeks to express the experience of being a mixed race woman, both in the UK and in the Sudan. Being Sudanese/British the mixed race experience is not only about being ‘black’ or ‘white’ but also about the clash of religious and cultural beliefs and in particular the experience of women in Sudanese culture.

Sarrah’s work has been exhibited in group shows; Hidden Scars at the Darnely Gallery for Forward UK, Inspired by at Morley Gallery, Crossing Borders at Espacio Gallery and Arts Depot Open 2018. She exhibited with Shirley Nette Williams at Hygge Pygge, Camden, in October 2018.

Sarrah supports the work of FORWARD against forms of violence against women in Africa and the UK, such as FGM and child marriage and want to help in highlighting these issues to promote the empowerment of African women and girls.   

 Instagram: @sarrahelb