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 Rp Mbaula (born Aug  12, 1988) is a rapper from Longido, Arusha  and is a member of Masai brothers, collective along with Lemomo Juniour and JB Blue who are working closely to bring different changes involving art in Maasai community in Tanzania and  East Africa. His music is largely influenced by the works of the late Mr.Ebbo,Prof.J,and Mr 2 a.k.a Sugu.

He released the album Maitadoi Enauri in 2014,which featured 8 songs,Matolikinoto,kitii tenebo,kumok inadolita and others.The album was solid all over maasai land which enabled Rp Mbaula to gain many fans.In 2016 he released the song Kwetu masaini which was a hit song as maasai anthem,where he was able to receive several offers to perform different concerts in Kenya and Tanzania.

Rp Mbaula touches the soul of many due to his talent,and he recently performed a song against Female genital multilation (FGM) called Ntiai Eembe Koko(Drop a razor blade old lady) were he received a special recognition by FORWARD UK an organization dealing with eradicating woman and African's girl oppression.He was sponsored a video shooting of the song Ntiai Eembe koko by FORWARD-UK in collaboration with CDF-TANZANIA. He is currently a member of Musicians Unite to End FGM(MUTEFGM) sponsered by FORWARD-UK.

Rp Mbaula Quote:

’’I believe I can do alot of changes in any community  using music as my main weapon,because I believe in music magic, since it touches the soul of any suffering individual. My target  is to lift  those who pass through humiliation,oppression and segregation in my society and Africa at large.With MUTEFGM I hope to achieve more than I expected''.