Rasha is a uniquely gifted Sudanese singer, musician and song writer who has had a global presence in the international music scene for over 25 years. 

Rasha’s musical style is a fascinating amalgamation of styles including the centuries old musical traditions of the Nubian culture, rhythms of central Sudan, the tom-tom beats of the African Sahel, echoes and influences of North African, Arabic and Andalusian (flamenco) sounds, modern blues, jazz and reggae. A mosaic of sounds that creates music that is deeply rooted in the culture of Sudan and yet influenced and shaped by many other genres, the result is something very spectacular. Rasha mainly sings in her mother tongue- Arabic, but also performs in Spanish, English, Nubian and Creole. She has performed across Europe, in Colombia, Brazil, Sudan, Senegal, Egypt and the USA.

Through her career Rasha has also collaborated on stage and on recordings with Spain’s great Eliseo Parra, Patxi Pascual a well known musician, teacher and producer who is also in Rasha’s band, UK Jazz artist Oren Marshall, The Malarians, Jamshid Shareefi, Mastretta amongst others. She also participated in La Banda Negra album with other African artists, all based in Madrid, amongst them was Wafir, Rasha’s brother and also the late Bidinte. She also proudly participated in the Refugee Voices festival in Geneva for UNHCR’s 50th anniversary, with great artists such as Youssou N’Dour, K'naan, Geoffrey Oryema amongst others, they recorded an album in Youssou N’Dour’s studio in Dakar in 2001.