Short film: 6'45''

AGUNA is a silent scream about unequal women rights. This dance film was created in reaction to the distortions of human behaviour towards women in the world. AGUNA is a manifesto embodying the thousands of silent screams from women whose lives are destroyed because of female genital mutilation. Inspired by Malala Yousafzai and Tamar Epstein, who passionately believe that one women can change lives and are not afraid to stand up for women’s rights, AGUNA speaks through all languages in the fight against gender discrimination and female persecution.

The huge disparity between how women are treated in different religions and countries is reflected in the juxtaposition of: the hardness of the concrete and softness of the skin, flesh and hair; the glowing red dress and monochrome background; the static camera position and frantic movement; and the sudden high-pitched stabs of music and low-pitched sustain chords.

Artist BIO
Magdalena Radlowska is a dancer, performer and choreographer. 
After graduating from Poznan Contemporary Dance School and Zielona Gora University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Dance, Magdalena moved to London and graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School and Middlesex University with an MA in Choreography. 
She has been nominated for many scholarships and awards, most recently winning first place at The Warsaw Dance Platform Choreographic Competition. Magdalena has danced in many projects in Poland and abroad with companies such as Jose Vidal Company and Nadar Rosano. Magdalena is choreographer for the first 
multi-generational theatre dance group in Poland called ‘Dafka Energy’ along with international theatre dance group ‘Anima Dance Company’, and in 2010 she co-founded ‘LML Theatre Dance Company’ with other dancers from the London Contemporary Dance School and has been a dancer for Zawirowanie Dance Theatre since 2013.