Prints, acrylic

I made this piece referencing Orchids, flowers that can look like female genitals. There is a society  called Orchid Project which has a vision of a world free of FGM, and my work referenced this: the mutilation of young girls. The title also references the “cutting season”. In this country it is the summer holidays, when young girls are mutilated. My piece shows flowers which have been cut and are bleeding. My piece is an exhortation to stop this barbaric ritual.

Artist BIO
Loisjoy Thurstun is a recent, mature graduate of Fine Art. She enjoys the versatility and unpredictable nature of print and enjoys working with photography too. She likes her work to be meaningful: to express injustices or ideas that are contemporaneous in society. Print is her chosen medium, mainly as mono print and open screen print, where the results are never uniform or predictable . This is what attracts her to these forms of printing: the sometimes surprising, but not unwelcome results.
1956 Born
1975 - 1979    Studied French at University College London
1979-87          Worked as free lance assistant and photographer
1987 – 2015   Set up and runs Bubbles Photo Library with a business partner
2003               Moved the business from London to Ipswich Suffolk
2010-2011       Studied for an Art Foundation Diploma at Suffolk New College
2011 - 2014     Studied  Fine Art at University Campus Suffolk