The Eden Garden
Silk, 120 x 180 cm
The Eden Garden wall hanging is part of a project within which I explored the meaning of soft values such as attachments, memories and emotions. The collection consists of several original paintings that were digitally transferred onto pure silk with the aim to create pieces that radiate positivity and energy. The colours and shapes within the designs represent psychological journeying, capturing significant personal moments in an abstract way.
I purposely chose the Eden Garden wall hanging for the FORWARD exhibition because the pattern symbolizes a place of inner happiness that is deeply rooted within us all. It is the unlimited source of unconditional love, creativity and acceptance we all have access to. A place of peaceful stillness we can trust and rely on, knowing that every situation we encounter provides us with an opportunity for personal growth and positive changes.
The vibrant design was digitally printed onto 100% Silk, a material that appears delicate and soft on touch yet it is one of the strongest and most flexible of natural fibres. Similarly, women in many countries in today’s modern world are still perceived as fragile and vulnerable but in reality they are equipped with an enormous amount of personal strength and resistance.

Artist Bio
Klara Capouskova is a London-based designer and the creative director of SO KLARA. She creates visually striking handcrafted silk scarves for discerning women with distinctive taste. Klara comes from a fine art and counselling background and her inherent aesthetic sensitivity has brought about a stunning modern collection worth shouting about; One that simply exudes positivity, confidence, style, class and elegance.
With a Masters in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Klara’s emphasis is on quality. All designs are hand-drawn, hand-painted and then digitally transferred. Original brushstrokes are purposely incorporated into patterns so that each piece retains the artist’s unique mark.
SO KLARA is the ideal accessory for today’s modern woman. Encouraging her to feel strong, vibrant and full of attitude.