Stone Orgasms
Collage on paper

The artwork depicts fictional women that have had their clitoris and external genitalia removed. Keyezua visually explores the ritual of mutilation of women, exploring its affects on body and self. The cruel manipulation of the body is resembled in the portrait collages. Body parts are turned into self-destructive stone, mirroring the lack of feeling or capacity to enjoy sexuality.
The artwork draws attention to the fact that more than 125 million girls and women worldwide suffer from the religious practice and are damned to live with the physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

Artist BIO
If you unfold her work you will note her sexual expressionism, African culture and abstract way of combining sex with religion. Keyezua's work grows into individual stories, all this is portrayed in movies, paintings, 

Underneath the layer, Exhibition-Through the Eyes of Africa, Berlin African Movie Festival 2013 The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy 
FACTICIUS, Exhibition –Royalty-The Hague Museum Night 2014 , The Hague Parliament 
FACTICIUS, Exhibition-New Steps, Haagse Kunstkring 
In bed with hair, Exhibition-Verso, Cultural Center Mezrab 
FACTICIUS, Exhibition-Fearless Renewal, Afrovibes exhibition MC Amsterdam
The Dutch Man-Islamic Dreams-China’s Economic Growth, Exhibition- Innocent Exiles, EXO