Thousands of small ceramic pieces

Reminiscent of shells and flowers the ceramic pieces symbolise cut and discarded female genitals. No two ceramic pieces are the same. No two female genitals are the same. They are presented pouring out of an old bucket and intermingled with hair and nail trimmings. These body parts are all cut to improve appearance, they are perceived to have no value and are consequently discarded.

The good wife
An embossed wall hanging

The imposing wall hanging is made from reconstituted paper which, when the pulp is wet, is malleable and easy to work with. Its size is imposing and its colour a dull grey reminiscent of stone. Once dried it has a leathery texture but becomes fragile and easily cracked and broken when handled. This ongoing damage is reflective of the everlasting consequences of The poem ‘The good wife’ – traditions to improve your daughter’s prospects was written with the intentions, consequences and repetitive cycle of abuse in mind. Embossed, indelibly imprinted into the overwhelming, grave-like hanging, the text almost merges into the paper. Like FGM the words are not obvious, they need to be searched out.

Artist BIO
My work builds on thorough research and embraces both emotional and considered response. I am excited by texture and by investigating the tactile potential of different materials.

Born 1958 and raised in York, I trained as an Occupational Therapist in Cardiff and have, until recently, primarily worked in NHS mental health and addiction services. In 2014 I graduated with distinction from UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, was nominated for the “Best of the Best” foundation work 2014 and awarded the art faculty Whitworth Medal for outstanding student of the year. 
Currently I am volunteering at ‘artheads’ - a not for profit organisation which provides a safe, drug and alcohol free art space for the whole community and coordinating a local urban sketchers group.

I am due to commence BA (hons) Ceramic Design at Central St Martin’s in September 2015.